Why Putting the Cart before the Horse is hurting your Business?


Along with consulting and website development, Sick Media Group has been helping companies with their overall marketing strategy including new product launches, collateral, Corporate Identities, or what most folks would refer to as Branding.

From time to time We run into a company that has put a lot of money behind their product or service offering but either doesn’t budget for marketing or thinks that their stuff is so great they don’t need it.

For example, I worked with a start-ups who spent close to a half million on their App but didn’t want to pay $3500 for their website and $1500 a month for social media / web tool development which would be their primary tool for marketing their products.  Our team nicely explained in most cases, to get anything started on the web, you need to make a small to medium sized investment then create phases of future development bases on growth and program success.

We were nicely told that they’d think about it and again, they were not worried because the App was going to sell itself and they’d easily meet the goals they wanted us to meet.  We didn’t get the project and Guess What, It Didn’t Work or get close to meeting their proposed goal and whatever success they had was short lived.

WHY, because they put the cart before the horse and didn’t develop a solid marketing investment to go along with their great offering.  It’s a Key Reason why many new products or services Fail.

An Important Takeaway is to start to look at your Marketing or Branding efforts as the horse that will pull your offering and sales team to their goals.  A weak horse, the longer it will take to reach your goals.  Likewise, a Clydesdale will pull you offering and team to the next level.

Keep this tip in mind the next time you create a new product/offering or evaluate existing ones. For questions or assistance on your digital marketing or branding efforts, contact us today at info@sickmediagroup.com or visit us at www.sickmediagroup.com

Digital Marketing Analogy: It’s Like Harvesting Crops

crops-smg1One way of looking at your Digital Marketing strategy is like a farmer harvesting his crops.  It’s pretty obvious if a farmer used inferior seeds or worse off, no seeds- the results would be poor or no results.  It’s also a given that if the farmer uses more expensive seeds, maintains and spends energy on his crops throughout the growing period, it most often results in a better yield.

If you’re spending money on digital marketing or advertising, keep in mind the results are not instant. Like a farmer’s crops, they produce nothing until the very end of their cycle when they are ripe or start to bloom. This takes time but is always worth the wait.  If you spend little or no money on digital marketing or gauge your marketing programs by the month, it’s like planting a few seeds, doing nothing else and expecting something great to happen.

If you want your website, social media programs, blogs, PR, email blasts, etc. to do well on the web, you have to create a longer term plan to budget monthly and have a professional digital marketer nurture the program for at least one year.  Just like a farmer, you’ll see returns which equates to more leads, better support for existing clients and a better overall performing digital marketing program.

For more information on creating a successful, long term Digital Marketing program, contact Sick Media Group today at www.sickmediagroup.com or 949.467.1717.

Measurable Digital Marketing 101

measurable-marketing-sick-mMeasurable Marketing 101:  Organizations that don’t measure the results of their marketing efforts are generally the ones that say “marketing doesn’t work for us” or “our industry / customers are different”.

In reality, adopting measurable marketing techniques are both easy and profitable.  Just ask companies like Apple and McDonald’s, they understand how measurable marketing can directly influence sales.

For example, marketing has determined each new client cost you $25.00 to acquire and nets you $600 a year over the next two years on average (a hair salon is a good example).

If you’re monthly budget was $500 a month, adding $100 a month for six months should net you around 24 new customers or  $14,400 in added sales over the next two years.   ( $28,800 added sales for a $600 investment) This is how the big guys ramp up sales.  If demand becomes strong, they fluctuate their marketing downward to control growth.

Sick Media Group specializes in Measurable Marketing and has a program right for your budget.  To learn more about measurable marketing and how to determine your marketing cost per client, contact Sick Media Group today at info@sickmediagroup.com or 949.467.1717

4 Tips to Stay Ahead of Competitors on the Web

sick-media-group-3-tipsNeed some new ideas to get more business online? Here’s 4 important tips to help you get more web leads.

1. Before you begin, create a plan with the number of new leads you want and what’s a good ROI is to receive them.  Also don’t judge the plan for at least 6 months after execution to see real results.  Many folks don’t understand the last few months should bring in over 70% of your efforts (based on your industry and sales cycle)

2. Increase your online presence; maintain at least 2 social media accounts or start a monthly blog or even an email newsletter. The more you do, the more you get noticed.

3. Invest in Digital Marketing Advertising; most of your competitors are not and if they are, it’s because it’s working.

4. Lastly but most import; Work with a marketing professional, not just a designer. Most small and growing companies hire designers and web programmers thinking they are marketers. Hire a true marketing professional and then hire designers.

If you follow these four steps, you’ll be sure to get an edge over most competitors.  For more information on developing a digital marketing strategy, contact Frank today at info@sickmediagroup.com today.

Whats a Measurable Digital Marketing Tools

measurable-marketing-tool-Sick-Media groupA measurable digital  marketing tool allows owners or management to quantify your program’s results daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.  What separates measurable tools vs. traditional marketing is the ability to easily review and measure actual results vs. just trying to compete without really knowing what’s bringing in the business.

Measurable Marketing tools are usually managed through web dashboards, cloud based reports, or through you’re website.  As an example,  An opt-in email campaign acquiring 150 new contacts and 6 new customers or a pay per opportunity web tool that calculates contacts you receive from each keyword are just 2 examples of measurable marketing tools.

The best program for you depends on many factors including industry, business size, and of course, the level of competition.  Sick Media Groups measurable marketing tools are proven to increase lead acquisition opportunities in a variety of industries while keeping current clients engaged. For more information, contact Sick Media Group at info@sickmediagroup.com or visit us at www.sickmediagroup.com

Time to Give Up Outdated Marketing Tools

sick-media Group-analog-blogHolding on to your print advertising? Still think radio advertising will make a comeback?  2016 is the year to give up your old school advertising and move to Digital and Mobile Marketing.

The typical monthly print Ad budget for a small businesses can be in excess of 2-5k monthly with no measurable results.  If you do a side by side Digital marketing comparison including social media, blogs, free/paid social media and advertising statisically performs better with the ability to measure and test unlike print.

One of the challenges is traditional, analog marketing is more comfortable and your print ad person is telling you this is the year print will get you a return.  The truth is most print, radio, and non-digital marketing cannot compete and if you want to test it, take 25-30% of your print budget and allocate it to digital marketing for at least 6 months, you’ll be blown away.

For more information on how Digital Web Marketing and Measurable Marketing Tools can effect your growth, contact Sick Media Group today at info@sickmg.com or 949.467.1717.  www.sickmediagroup.com

Hiring a Marketing Consultant: Sharks vs Orcas

Hiring a Marketing Consultant;  Orcas Vs. Sharks

gw-kw-sick-media-groupThe next time you need a digital marketing consultant or help with your marketing, consider the following consultant types before diving in!.  Consultants generally come in two forms, Great White Sharks or the Orca Whales.   Consultants who are sharks are very aggressive, don’t need anyone’s help, and is generally applying his knowledge & experience to your business and hopes it works.   The Orca on the other hand relies on the POD or affiliates to help them formulate the best program based on a group vs single minded decision making process that generally produces better results.

The shark generally looking for the quick strike and if it doesn’t taste good (or think they can make money off you) they generally disappear into the deep.  They are lone predators that continually have to hunt.  Orcas are looking to feed the herd and are much more strategic in their pursuit and execution.  Generally working as a team, they perform larger kills and go back to get more, remembering hot spots.   Sharks look good on paper but in the wild, they will always get eaten by a Orca pod of whales, no matter what the size of the shark.

Here’s how it applies to you and your business.  ALWAYS look to work with an Orcas not sharks.   Orcas are looking for clients and to help grow your business with their affiliate base.  Sharks generally like to baffle you with BS and blame the economy, Obama, or other things on why your program is not working.  The Take Away: When hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant for your next project, hire a marketing professional with an affiliate partner base, not a solo player with all the answers.

For more information about Digital Marketing Consulting, contact Sick Media Group today at www.sickmediagroup.com, info@sickmediagroup.com or (949) 467.1717 today.

Want More Leads: Time to Start Re-Targeting

sick-media-group-websites2Re-targeting is nothing new but it’s now time to take a serious look to help grow your digital lead generation efforts.  Companies have refined the original, hit the keyword or website and you get chased for 1-2 weeks to a more calculated algorithm that determines when your target product or service is about to get purchased and start the tracking at 70-80% closer to the time of purchase.

Re-targeting can also be a great way to use your competitors traffic to learn more about yours and ultimately take business away right before they make their purchase.

To learn more about re-targeting strategies, contact Sick Media Group today at info@sickmediagroup.com or call (949) 467-1717.