Lead Oriented Marketing Services

It’s not about pretty pictures, we develop marketing tools specifically to get you more sales.

SMG’s Consulting Services

Sick Media Group has been working with manufacturers since 2001 and our founder has over a dozen years working as a sales and marketing manager doing business in 47 states and 10+ countries.   We’re experts in helping manufacturers and their channel sales partners develop a solid brand, web and marketing collateral that separates them from competitors and makes it easier for folks to purchase your products.   From basic consultations to monthly support programs, we’re here to help.

SMG’s Branding Services

Your Brand is one of the most important marketing tools your business has.  A solid, consistent branding strategy give current and potential clients a better sense on what you can do for them.  A strong branding makes it easier to get additional opportunities weak brands miss.  From logos, business cards, print collateral, social media and more, we’ve got the experience and tools to provide your with a solid branding presence.

SMG’s Web Development

Website Design & Development is continually evolving.  If you’re site looks dated, it portrays your brand in a very negative light, especially if its not mobile friendly.  In addition to your website, you need an additional online presence that helps support and drives traffic to your site.  We also help with online advertising allowing you to better control your Cost per Client acquisition.

25+ Years of Industry Experience

We’ve done countless marketing & branding projects with manufacturers & sales channels in 47 states and 6 countries

Not Just a Pretty Picture

We provide effective branding, marketing, & consulting tools designed to provide increased Marketing ROI.

Don‘t Waste Time and Resources with Marketing Agencies that Don’t Specialize in Manufacturing & Channel Sales

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