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About Us

The single biggest differentiator about Sick Media Group from most marketing agencies is they’ve never really sold anything that’s been manufactured.  Although many will make you nice designs, most don’t really have any idea what it’s like when the sales team gets these marketing tools and they’re worthless.

Sick Media Group’s principal, Frank P Sickle has a B.A. in marketing but in addition to being an expert in field, he has over 20 years corporate sales management before opening his agency.  He’s sold millions of dollars annually primary in  aerospace, solid state specification grade lighting, medical, & safety products.  Our focus is getting your more sales and building tools to make sales easier.

When we work with a new client, our main goal is to understand where you fit in your industry space, how to maximize your marketing budget,  and ultimately increasing sales and branding exposure. (which ultimately makes sales easier)

If your looking for ROI based marketing solutions from marketers who are sales and marketing experts in manufacturing & channel sales, contact Frank now at 949.467.1717  for a free consultation.

Our Agencies Specialties

Client ROI
Increased Lead Opportunities
No Hassle Programs
Sales Driven Consulting

Does Your Marketer Understand ROI & CPCA?

We have the education and corporate marketing and sales management experiences to help your company develop a solid Return on Marketing Investment (ROM), help Determine your cost per client acquisition and get you more sales

The Future is Bright

Picking the right marketing partner can dramatically impact your branding presence and sales growth. If you’re a Manufacturer or Channel Sales Organization, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Sick Media Group Today and Learn Why our Clients Trust us to Help them Grow their Brand & Businesses.

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