What the Client Needed:

Pocketfinder had multiple goals for it’s new ecommerce website.  First, the marketing side of the website would be completed in WordPress for easy editing & updating.  The ecommerce portion would be administered through Shopify so we had to configure the two seamlessly.  Next, they had a number of distributors and large retailers in Mexico and were requesting a Spanish website.  Along with their Spanish partners, we were able to complete a mirror site in Spanish as well as English.

What We Did: Consulting Ecommerce Website Bi-Lingual Website Graphics

Return on Investment:

With the updated bi-lingual website connected to Shopify, they were able to see significant growth in the Spanich markets along with an almost double the units sold in the U.S. prior to Sick Media Group coming aboard.  PocketFinder has also been able to save thousands in website and new product updates that they are able to take care of internally.

Client Since:2015

Client Review:

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