What They Needed:

Nutrousa Health and Wellness had multiple products that needed to be developed marketing wise with new brands, multiple ecommerce websites & Amazon accounts, along with packaging and print collateral designs that conformed with FDA labeling standards.  Sick Media Group’s team helped develop 5 different brands all with a unique autonomy which separates them by their target markets.

What We Did: Branding Consulting Ecommerce Websites Social Media Digital Advertising Packaging Design

Return on Investment:

After only 5 months, 3 of Nutrousa’s 5 brands are currently selling on multiple ecommerce sites and on Amazon Prime.  They currently have increased sales by 39% and plan on doubling their 2019 sales in 2020.  The other 2 brands will launch and of Q2 and Q3 respectively.  In summary, they now not only have a brand that effectively communicates their product offering, they have tools to provide to their distributors and practitioner partners making them more successful.

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