Why Putting the Cart before the Horse is hurting your Business?


Along with consulting and website development, Sick Media Group has been helping companies with their overall marketing strategy including new product launches, collateral, Corporate Identities, or what most folks would refer to as Branding.

From time to time We run into a company that has put a lot of money behind their product or service offering but either doesn’t budget for marketing or thinks that their stuff is so great they don’t need it.

For example, I worked with a start-ups who spent close to a half million on their App but didn’t want to pay $3500 for their website and $1500 a month for social media / web tool development which would be their primary tool for marketing their products.  Our team nicely explained in most cases, to get anything started on the web, you need to make a small to medium sized investment then create phases of future development bases on growth and program success.

We were nicely told that they’d think about it and again, they were not worried because the App was going to sell itself and they’d easily meet the goals they wanted us to meet.  We didn’t get the project and Guess What, It Didn’t Work or get close to meeting their proposed goal and whatever success they had was short lived.

WHY, because they put the cart before the horse and didn’t develop a solid marketing investment to go along with their great offering.  It’s a Key Reason why many new products or services Fail.

An Important Takeaway is to start to look at your Marketing or Branding efforts as the horse that will pull your offering and sales team to their goals.  A weak horse, the longer it will take to reach your goals.  Likewise, a Clydesdale will pull you offering and team to the next level.

Keep this tip in mind the next time you create a new product/offering or evaluate existing ones. For questions or assistance on your digital marketing or branding efforts, contact us today at info@sickmediagroup.com or visit us at www.sickmediagroup.com