Time to Give Up Outdated Marketing Tools

sick-media Group-analog-blogHolding on to your print advertising? Still think radio advertising will make a comeback?  2016 is the year to give up your old school advertising and move to Digital and Mobile Marketing.

The typical monthly print Ad budget for a small businesses can be in excess of 2-5k monthly with no measurable results.  If you do a side by side Digital marketing comparison including social media, blogs, free/paid social media and advertising statisically performs better with the ability to measure and test unlike print.

One of the challenges is traditional, analog marketing is more comfortable and your print ad person is telling you this is the year print will get you a return.  The truth is most print, radio, and non-digital marketing cannot compete and if you want to test it, take 25-30% of your print budget and allocate it to digital marketing for at least 6 months, you’ll be blown away.

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