Measurable Digital Marketing 101

measurable-marketing-sick-mMeasurable Marketing 101:  Organizations that don’t measure the results of their marketing efforts are generally the ones that say “marketing doesn’t work for us” or “our industry / customers are different”.

In reality, adopting measurable marketing techniques are both easy and profitable.  Just ask companies like Apple and McDonald’s, they understand how measurable marketing can directly influence sales.

For example, marketing has determined each new client cost you $25.00 to acquire and nets you $600 a year over the next two years on average (a hair salon is a good example).

If you’re monthly budget was $500 a month, adding $100 a month for six months should net you around 24 new customers or  $14,400 in added sales over the next two years.   ( $28,800 added sales for a $600 investment) This is how the big guys ramp up sales.  If demand becomes strong, they fluctuate their marketing downward to control growth.

Sick Media Group specializes in Measurable Marketing and has a program right for your budget.  To learn more about measurable marketing and how to determine your marketing cost per client, contact Sick Media Group today at or 949.467.1717