Hiring a Marketing Consultant: Sharks vs Orcas

Hiring a Marketing Consultant;  Orcas Vs. Sharks

gw-kw-sick-media-groupThe next time you need a digital marketing consultant or help with your marketing, consider the following consultant types before diving in!.  Consultants generally come in two forms, Great White Sharks or the Orca Whales.   Consultants who are sharks are very aggressive, don’t need anyone’s help, and is generally applying his knowledge & experience to your business and hopes it works.   The Orca on the other hand relies on the POD or affiliates to help them formulate the best program based on a group vs single minded decision making process that generally produces better results.

The shark generally looking for the quick strike and if it doesn’t taste good (or think they can make money off you) they generally disappear into the deep.  They are lone predators that continually have to hunt.  Orcas are looking to feed the herd and are much more strategic in their pursuit and execution.  Generally working as a team, they perform larger kills and go back to get more, remembering hot spots.   Sharks look good on paper but in the wild, they will always get eaten by a Orca pod of whales, no matter what the size of the shark.

Here’s how it applies to you and your business.  ALWAYS look to work with an Orcas not sharks.   Orcas are looking for clients and to help grow your business with their affiliate base.  Sharks generally like to baffle you with BS and blame the economy, Obama, or other things on why your program is not working.  The Take Away: When hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant for your next project, hire a marketing professional with an affiliate partner base, not a solo player with all the answers.

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