Digital Marketing Analogy: It’s Like Harvesting Crops

crops-smg1One way of looking at your Digital Marketing strategy is like a farmer harvesting his crops.  It’s pretty obvious if a farmer used inferior seeds or worse off, no seeds- the results would be poor or no results.  It’s also a given that if the farmer uses more expensive seeds, maintains and spends energy on his crops throughout the growing period, it most often results in a better yield.

If you’re spending money on digital marketing or advertising, keep in mind the results are not instant. Like a farmer’s crops, they produce nothing until the very end of their cycle when they are ripe or start to bloom. This takes time but is always worth the wait.  If you spend little or no money on digital marketing or gauge your marketing programs by the month, it’s like planting a few seeds, doing nothing else and expecting something great to happen.

If you want your website, social media programs, blogs, PR, email blasts, etc. to do well on the web, you have to create a longer term plan to budget monthly and have a professional digital marketer nurture the program for at least one year.  Just like a farmer, you’ll see returns which equates to more leads, better support for existing clients and a better overall performing digital marketing program.

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