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Measurable Digital Marketing 101

Measurable Marketing 101:  Organizations that don’t measure the results of their marketing efforts are generally the ones that say “marketing doesn’t work for us” or “our industry / customers are different”. In reality, adopting measurable marketing techniques are both easy and profitable.  Just ask companies like Apple and McDonald’s, they understand how measurable marketing can […]

Whats a Measurable Digital Marketing Tools

A measurable digital  marketing tool allows owners or management to quantify your program’s results daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.  What separates measurable tools vs. traditional marketing is the ability to easily review and measure actual results vs. just trying to compete without really knowing what’s bringing in the business. Measurable Marketing tools are usually managed […]

Hiring a Marketing Consultant: Sharks vs Orcas

Hiring a Marketing Consultant;  Orcas Vs. Sharks The next time you need a digital marketing consultant or help with your marketing, consider the following consultant types before diving in!.  Consultants generally come in two forms, Great White Sharks or the Orca Whales.   Consultants who are sharks are very aggressive, don’t need anyone’s help, and […]