4 Tips to Stay Ahead of Competitors on the Web

sick-media-group-3-tipsNeed some new ideas to get more business online? Here’s 4 important tips to help you get more web leads.

1. Before you begin, create a plan with the number of new leads you want and what’s a good ROI is to receive them.  Also don’t judge the plan for at least 6 months after execution to see real results.  Many folks don’t understand the last few months should bring in over 70% of your efforts (based on your industry and sales cycle)

2. Increase your online presence; maintain at least 2 social media accounts or start a monthly blog or even an email newsletter. The more you do, the more you get noticed.

3. Invest in Digital Marketing Advertising; most of your competitors are not and if they are, it’s because it’s working.

4. Lastly but most import; Work with a marketing professional, not just a designer. Most small and growing companies hire designers and web programmers thinking they are marketers. Hire a true marketing professional and then hire designers.

If you follow these four steps, you’ll be sure to get an edge over most competitors.  For more information on developing a digital marketing strategy, contact Frank today at info@sickmediagroup.com today.